Co-Authored Book





RAQUEL ALDANA, BETH LYON, KARLA MCKANDERS, & WON KIDANE, GLOBAL ISSUES IN IMMIGRATION LAW, Chapters on: France, Freedom of Movement & Living Conditions of Immigrants (Franklin A. Gevurt, Ed., Thomson-West Publishing 2013)(excerpt and abstract).

Book Chapters

Karla McKanders, Compassionate Migration and Regional Policy in the Americas, Ch. 2, The Subnational Response: Local Intervention in Immigration Policy and Enforcement (Palgrave Macmillan 2017).

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Karla McKanders, Morocco at the Crossroads the Intersection of Race, Gender, and Refugee Status in Women and Social Change in North Africa: What Counts as Revolutionary? Ch. 8 (Doris Gray and Nadia Sonneveld, eds.)(Oxford University Press forthcoming 2017).


Valeria E. Gomez & Karla McKanders, Refugee Reception and Perception: U.S. Detention Camps and German Welcome Centers, 40.1 Ford.L.Jour. 4 (2017).

America's Disposable Youth: Undocumented Delinquent Juveniles, 59.1 Howard.L.Rev. 101 (2015).

Anatomy of an Uprising: Women, Democracy and the Moroccan Feminist Spring, 32 Boston Univ. Int’l Jour. 147 (2014).

Invited Symposium: Federal Preemption and Immigrant’s Rights, 3:2 Wake Forest J. Law & Policy 333 (2013).

Immigration Enforcement and the Fugitive Slave Acts: Exploring their Similarities, 61.4 Cath.L.Rev. 1 (2012). §  Reprinted 33 Imm. Nationality Law Rev. 183 (2013).

Invited SymposiumUnforgiving of Those Who Trespass Against U.S.: State Laws Criminalizing Immigration Status, 12 Loy. J. Pub. Int. L 331 (2011). §  Reprinted in 32 Imm. Nationality Law Rev. 267 (2011).

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Welcome to Hazleton! (“Illegal” Immigrants Beware): Local Employment Immigration Ordinances and What the Federal Government Must Do About, It 39 Loy.U.Chi.L.J. 1 (2007).

Co-Authored Articles

Raising the Bar: Law Schools and Legal Institutions Leading to Education Undocumented Lawyers (with Raquel Aldana and Beth Lyon) 44.1 Arizona State L.J. 5 (2012).

Varying Shades of Grey: Teaching Amongst Generational Difference, 17.1 Clinical L. Rev. 1001 (2010).