Recent Co-Authored Amicus Briefs

U.S. District Court for Washington D.C. Amicus Brief (available here) for Pars Equality Center v. Trump on behalf of Howard Civil Rights Clinic and Law Professors (arguing Trump Executive order inflicts irreparable harm on the plaintiffs, as well as American institutions of higher education, by restricting the free exchange of ideas and persons across borders and by legitimizing anti-Muslim suspicion and antagonism that has led to increased hate incidents and violence against Muslim-American and foreign Muslim faculty, staff and students on university and college campuses across the country).

U.S. Supreme Court Amicus Brief (available here): for G.G. v. Gloucester Cnty, School Board, citation, on behalf of Howard University School of Law Civil Rights Clinic Students (Title IX & Equal Protection Rights for Transgender Students arguing that the school board policy at issue mandating separate, single-sex restrooms for transgender students is reminiscent of the ‘separate but equal’ doctrine that hindered racial equality for school children for over half a century).

U.S. Supreme Court Amicus Brief(available here): for Bank of America v. City of Miami, 800 F.3d 1262 (2015), on behalf of immigrant communities drafted in collaboration with Howard University School of Law Civil Rights Clinic Students & Asians Advancing Justice (challenging predatory lending practices focusing the impact on immigrant communities).

US-Delegation from University of Tennessee/Knoxville visits Refugee Camps in Hessen Germany

Felsberger Institution for Education and Academic Research Report on University of Tennessee Interdisciplinary Delegation to Germany to learn about the treatment and processing of Refugees in Germany.

UTK Immigration Clinic Students Succeed in Representing Syrian Refugee, Spring 2015

Immigration Clinic Students Travel to Artesia New Mexico to Provide Pro Bono Assistance, Fall 2014

Professor Karla McKanders led students of the UT Law Immigration Clinic on a fall break trip to Artesia, New Mexico, to help immigrant women and children from Central America apply for asylum and other forms of humanitarian relief. (Produced by UTK Law Student, Patrick Morrison.)

2012 - Humanitarian Law Students - Universite MV - Rabat, Morocco

Fulbright Fellowship, U.S. Scholar, Academic Year: 2011-2012

Program: Core Fulbright U.S. Scholar Program

Program Country: Morocco

Grant Type: Lecturing

Project Title: Comparative International Refugee Law and Practice

McKanders Receives UTK Community Outreach Grant for Project, Spring 2014

Immigrant Legal Literacy: Empowering the Community One Person at a Time

 Project Description and Outcomes

McKanders and Law Student Travel to Swaziland, October 2010

Student research assistant and I traveled to Swaziland in October 2010 to start international program with Saving Orphans through Healthcare and Outreach to collaborate with the legislature, judges and non-profit organizations to address the human rights of HIV orphaned children.

Pecha Kucha 20 x 20

Educating Lawyers in an Age of Armchair Activism (2014)

1960s lawyers were known for spearheading the Civil Rights, anti-Vietnam War, Women’s and Student movements, which transformed the U.S. justice system. In contrast, in the digital age, “armchair activists” post about civil rights violations from the comfort of their homes. While many students still pursue a legal degree to enter into a service-oriented career, others question whether training lawyers to be “change agents” is an idea of the past. This presentation centers on the Clinical Legal Education model, which has the dual goals of educating future lawyers and providing quality legal assistance to individuals without access to the justice system. The presentation asks whether there are present-day ideological impediments that inhibit the inculcation of a “change agent” perspective in today's future lawyers. This inquiry is explored through examining the local and international service learning projects in which The University of Tennessee’s Immigration Clinic has engaged in Knoxville, Swaziland, and Morocco.