Book Chapters and Co-Authored Books 

Arabs at Home and in the World: Human Rights, Gender Politics, and Identity (Karla McKanders ed., 1st ed. 2018).

Gender, Islamophobia and Refugee Exceptionalism in Arabs at Home and in the World: Human Rights, Gender Politics, and Identity (Karla McKanders ed., 1st ed. 2018)

Karla McKanders, Morocco at the Crossroads the Intersection of Race, Gender, and Refugee Status in Women and Social Change in North Africa: What Counts as Revolutionary? Ch. 8 (Doris Gray and Nadia Sonneveld, eds.)(Cambridge University Press 2017).

Karla McKanders, Compassionate Migration and Regional Policy in the Americas, Ch. 2, The Subnational Response: Local Intervention in Immigration Policy and Enforcement (Palgrave Macmillan 2017).

RAQUEL ALDANA, BETH LYON, KARLA MCKANDERS, & WON KIDANE, GLOBAL ISSUES IN IMMIGRATION LAW, Chapters on: France, Freedom of Movement & Living Conditions of Immigrants (Franklin A. Gevurt, Ed., Thomson-West Publishing 2013)(excerpt and abstract).

Articles & Essays

America’s Disposable Youth: Undocumented Delinquent Juveniles, 59 Howard.L.Rev. 101 (2016).

Anatomy of an Uprising: Women, Democracy, and the Moroccan Feminist Spring, 32 Boston Univ. Intern’tl Jour. 151 (2013).

Invited Symposium: Federal Preemption and Immigrant’s Rights, 3:2 Wake Forest J. Law & Policy 333 (2013).

Immigration Enforcement and the Fugitive Slave Acts: Exploring their Similarities, 61.4 Cath.L.Rev. 1 (fall 2012); Reprinted in Immigration Nationality Law Rev., (2013).

Invited Symposium: Unforgiving of Those Who Trespass Against U.S.: State Laws Criminalizing Immigration Status, 12 Loy. J. Pub. Int. L 331 (Spring 2011); Reprinted in Immigration Nationality Law Rev., (2013).

Unspoken Voice of Indigenous Women in Immigration Raids, 14 J. Gender Race & Just. 1 (fall 2010).

Class Based Coalition Building During the “Post-Racial” Era, 29 St. Louis U. Pub. L. Rev. 473 (2010).

Sustaining Tiered Personhood: Jim Crow and Anti-Immigrant Laws, 26 Harv. J. Rac. & Eth. Jus. 163 (2010).

The Constitutionality of State and Local Laws Targeting Immigrants, 31.4 U.Ark. Little Rock L.J. 579 (2009).

Welcome to Hazleton! (“Illegal” Immigrants Beware): Local Employment Immigration Ordinances and What the Federal Government Must Do About, It 39 Loy.U.Chi.L.J. 1 (2007).

Co-Authored Articles

Valeria E. Gomez and Karla McKanders, Refugee Reception and Perception: U.S. Detention Camps and German Welcome Centers, 40 Ford.L.Jour. 523 (2017).

Raquel Aldana, Beth Lyon, and Karla McKanders, Raising the Bar:  Law Schools and Legal Institutions Leading to Education Undocumented Lawyers, Arizona State L.J. (2012).

Karla M. McKanders, Clinical Legal Education at a Generational Crossroads: Shades of Gray, 17.1 Clinical L. Rev. 1001 (Fall 2010) counterpart essays by Praveen Kosuri, Minna Kotkin, Steven Reid, Dean Rivkin.

Raquel Aldana, Beth Lyon, and Karla McKanders, Society of American Law Teachers, SALT Recommendations to the Administration for Immigration Agency Reforms (June 16, 2009).

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